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This school was built by the Methodist church and is located on ½ hectare (1 ¼ acres) of land. It is situated in the western part of the country at 19 Barracks Road in Montego Bay, St. James. The school was started in 1871 with an attendance of five girls.

Historical Site - The Dome

Located within four (4) minutes of the Barracks Road Primary School, this quaint structure with its white wooden fixed window blinds and brick, is one of Montego Bay’s historic landmarks. It was erected over the source of the creek in Montego Bay.

At first, the Dome was simply a rounded roof or covering for the water bubbling up at the head of the creek, but soon it came to play an important role in Montego Bay's water supply.

However, its usage decreased when the water pipe system was installed in 1893. It has proved a great alternative in times of drought in the past. It was refurbished in 2014.